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We're speeding up time again

It's important to be first at the finish. That's why we've moved forward a decade in the last two years.

What used to take us months and years, we are now able to create in days and weeks. Under the guidance of Arbol Capital, a small local company is becoming a globally recognized manufacturer of all-electric, eco-friendly machines for everyone.

In the last two years, we have not only focused on moving to a new production hall (the previous article Speeding up time), but also on making the user experience more pleasant for our business partners and customers.

We have created a new website that presents all the important information about the Elise 900, the MiniZ and everything we do in a clear and modern way.

Our dealers now have "microsites" to facilitate their own presentation. A dealer portal and ticketing system has been launched for our customers' sales and service requests. A rich FAQ section is now available to answer anyone's questions and all service manuals, handbooks and other documents are available for download on the website.

We simply do everything to make not only us and our employees feel comfortable, but especially our customers and business partners. Mutual trust, together with our values (the previous article We play fair), is the cornerstone of our business.

All this while adhering to our vision of a "green world." (the previous article A green world)

We were first to start and we are still first (the previous article Speeding up time). But that's not enough for us. We want to be first under conditions of fully green behaviour not only for our machines but also for ourselves. We want to do business in a world of sustainability. A world where our children and future generations will feel good too. Where they will want to live.

We were and still are the first.

But we're not just FIRST.