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We play fair

We have built our business on a set of core values without which we cannot imagine our company functioning. We've already talked about courage and desire (the previous article Being the first). These are the building blocks that helped launch our business. But we would not be satisfied with them alone.

RELATIONSHIP WITH nature is the cornerstone of our green construction machinery business. Nature has been here long before us, it is here with us and with our help it will be here after us. That's why we once embarked on the arduous path of developing all-electric green construction machinery, from which we don't intend to swerve an inch.

At the same time, however, we also care about HEALTH and PEACE. We don't want our machines to bother the environment with noise and smell. We do not want their operation to have a negative effect on people's health.

"In the courtyard of the house where I live, demolition has recently taken place. I wish our machines were working on it. It would certainly be a better way to wake up than in the noise of diesel loaders, says Vítězslav Vojáček, CEO of FIRSTGREEN Industries. "Silence heals and our cities deserve to turn down the volume a bit."

Quiet and emission-free machines contributing to SUSTAINABILITY, another value of our business. All this has taken on an even deeper meaning since Arbol Capital entered our business. Arbol means tree, and it grows and becomes stronger gradually but continuously. It stands on solid foundations and deep roots. Like everything we've developed up to this point. Just like our entire business.

We say all this openly and honestly. Whether it's our business partners, suppliers, customers or employees, we always lay all our cards on the table and play fair. We cannot imagine our work without this.

"Respect fair-play, tell the truth. That's fundamental. Whether in sport or at work, in life. It is not an art to win, but to lose with your head held high, with humility and respect for your opponent. Learn from your losses and move on," this is the vision of Martin Havrda, Chairman of the Board of FIRSTGREEN Industries.