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Being the first

Only the courage to make your dreams come true and the desire to see it through to the end will get you there. We finally succeeded...

We have already talked about the courage of Ján Hanes and Slavo Petrenec to develop a machine that no one had dared to think about before in the previous article. The electrification of construction machinery was at the time considered to be sheer nonsense. Without the COURAGE to stand out from the crowd and go against the tide, the Elise 900 would never have seen the light of day.

However, the first electric skid steer loader would not have been built without the DESIRE of both our developers and the entire team to show everyone that the word impossible does not exist. Bringing to life an electric machine built from scratch took a lot of dedication, overcoming dead ends, developmental stumbles, and time.

And the result?

"Our courage has paid off! Today we are not afraid to go where others don't want to go with electrified machines. Into the mountains, freezing temperatures and extreme conditions where our machines work flawlessly," says Vítězslav Vojáček, CEO of FIRSTGREEN Industries.


Our courage and desire didn’t change by the connection with the investor Arbol Capital. On the contrary. We have become even more courageous and eager to achieve great things. We want to continue materializing our dreams and creating machines that are unique, timeless and perhaps change the way we see the world. We want to do things that are meaningful not only to us, but to future generations.


Our vision for the future can be summed up in the words of Lukáš Rameš, member of the Board of FIRSTGREEN Industries: "I believe in our products and in our entire production and development team. We can do great things together."