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FIRSTGREEN industries

Tomorrows machinery, today.

Our philosophy

Tomorrow's machinery, today.

FIRSTGREEN industries

We build all-electric, zero emission and low noise loaders. They have been designed from the outset by our own development team, people who genuinely enjoy working at FIRSTGREEN and who are skilled, experienced and hard-working believers in sustainability and respect for the environment. We are committed to a journey of ongoing enhancement and innovation, aimed at delivering greater value to both our current and prospective customers and partners.

Key pillars of our company philosophy are innovative product portfolio with contiuous development, quick delivery of the machines and spare parts combined with excellent pre-sale and after-sale support to our dealers and their end consumers. We may be a small company, but the smaller we are, the more flexible, inovative and caring we are.

FIRSTGREEN industries

Our machines aim to disrupt the diesel-dogma mind set.

We regularly update the machines' apps and control software to simplify their operation. Part of our DNA is benefiting from computer-like behaviur of our machines that allow us to introduce nw funcionalities of the machines to make them trully inteligent. We are also continuously expanding their capabilities with a new range of electric attachments and, most importantly, developing and introducing new types of batteries that open doors to new industries and applications where traditional diesel machines cannot be used.

Sustainable FGI Vision

Commitment to Clean Energy

FGI has invested heavily in renewable energy sources for its operations, reducing its carbon footprint by 60% in the past five years. This transition showcases FGI's commitment to environmental preservation and its forward-thinking approach to sustainable business practices.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

FGI has taken steps to ensure its supply chain is sustainable. This means partnering with suppliers who uphold stringent environmental and social standards. As a result, the company guarantees that products are sourced ethically, minimizing negative impacts on both local and global communities.

Transparent Governance

To foster trust among its stakeholders, FGI maintains a transparent governance structure and inclusivity policies. Annual reports are made available to the public, and shareholders have a consistent platform for voicing concerns or suggestions.

Community Engagement

FGI is not just a business entity but also a community partner. The company has invested in local educational programs, healthcare initiatives, and infrastructural projects. Through its active engagement, FGI aims to uplift the communities where it operates, demonstrating a deep-rooted commitment to social betterment.

Resource Conservation

Understanding the importance of finite resources, methodologies to ensure maximum efficiency in its operations. Water recycling systems, waste reduction initiatives, and digitalization efforts have significantly reduced the company's resource consumption.

FIRSTGREEN industries
FIRSTGREEN industries

Configuration that respects the limits

New technology, new approach.

Green solution for the right application.

Our machines are not a general green solution for all applications. Although we believe in our products, we remain rational. When speaking with a potential client, a thorough analysis must be conducted to ensure that the customer receives the desired added value. Even if the result of the analysis does not lead to a sale.

Different philosophy and thinking.

It works differently, it sounds differently, it's accurate and you can adjust it to suit your needs. It's a computer with great power and endless possibilities. But you have to adjust your thinking when operating it, because if you run out of fuel, no one will come with a spare tank.

Proper maintenance is the key.

It only works if you treat it right. It is a robust machine, which is easy to repair, with very few components components that can go wrong. But it is neither a submarine nor a tank. The battery needs proper maintenance to deliver the right performance over time. Which is something you need to pass on to your customers.

FIRSTGREEN industries FIRSTGREEN industries FIRSTGREEN industries FIRSTGREEN industries FIRSTGREEN industries FIRSTGREEN industries FIRSTGREEN industries


Our production hub, located in Velká Dobrá near Prague, Czech Republic, is innovatively designed to prioritize efficiency, employee comfort and safety, and environmental sustainability.

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art production lines and warehouses, complemented by a technologically advanced training centre, a progressive R&D department and logistics offices. Using our versatile polygon, we can fully test and refine our machinery and push our products to new heights of quality and functionality.

In 2023 we have opened new branch in US, North Carolina, marking a significant milestone for our American operations. Our US branch allows us to deliver machines in timely manner making sure, that machines are delivered in excellent condition, with no transportation damage. We also keep extensive spare parts inventory for our US customers.

Our existing manufacturing capacity in Czech Republic counts for 750 machines of combined annual production of Elise and MiniZ line in 5 production lines for Elise and 3 production lines pro MiniZ. Our warehouse and supply chain management is organized so that we can fulfill even unpredictable demand from our customers and achieve 24 hours SLA for spare parts distribution around the world.

Since we comply with "Open kitchen philosophy", we like to invite our customers and potential distributors to our factory and openly discuss all of the product specifics. Also, majority of the technical training takes place in our HQ offices and factory which helps our customer's technicians to better understand and become familiar with our products. 

Member of Arbol Capital family

Arbol is a tree that grows and branches gradually. Its strength is rooted deep within the earth, anchored by a foundation that is both steadfast and resilient. It is upon this robust foundation that our collective vision is built – a vision of conducting business responsibly, with foresight and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, and progressive thinking. We continually strive to shape a future where business and nature coexist harmoniously.

FIRSTGREEN industries