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Your Brand x Your capabilities line

Your Brand x Your capabilities

Design your dream.

Use the colors and configuration that make sense for your business.

Technical modification
for specific tasks

Whether you require simple modifications or more complex customizations, we've got you covered.

It's not just
a paint job

If you need basic adjustments or more intricate custom work, we have everything handled.

All of our machines are eligible for customization. The details will be processed by our technical team on a per-order basis. So every custom project is solved individually.

We have two types of customization:

  • Changing colors of parts, that are normally green or blue
  • Designing color scheme from scratch exactly according to customer needs

Start building your custom electric skid steer today and power your projects with precision, efficiency, and a personal touch.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your electric skid steer is not only a tool but a personal asset that stands out on the field and perfectly aligns with your work requirements.

Lithium and lead-acid batteries

Various options for battery setup available according to customer's specific work and maintenance requirements, as well as desired loading capacity.

Travel speed parameter setup

Newest functionality of our machines allows operator to find the right travel speed setup for each of the 4 travel speeds for optimum performance while perfoming specific tasks.

Cabin / Cabinless version

Cabinless version of the Elise line for operation in hazardous or contaminated environment with higher operator protection requirements.

4 travel and hydraulic speeds

Extreme precision of the machines is achieved by 4 individual speeds that the operator can choose from for both hydraulic and travel functionalities. Can be further modified by operator.

Joysticks in-cabin mode

Intuitive control system that can be customized according to individual preferences. Precise control of the machines with button mapping option for specific needs.

Garage fleet management

Fleet owners can easily control the perfomrance of each machine, assign various rights to operators and manage account credentials to each machine.

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