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Time for a change

Less than a decade has passed since the first electric flash in the minds of our developers(previous article The electric flash). A decade in which we've come a long way.

Time flies fast. However, after 2020, time has accelerated at the speed of light with the entry of Arbol Capital into our business.

Ten dealers and business partners have become a network of over eighty partners spread across the globe.

From 35 million in sales, we are heading for 350 million in sales.

From thirty-five machines sold per year, we're heading for a figure more than ten times higher.

All this in the last two years.

"This isn't a virtual world, or Lego toys, or the little models I used to play with as a kid. These are real, useful and powerful machines that actually move and work on their own. They are agile and smart, they help people and at the same time they don't destroy the environment at all," says Martin Havrda, Chairman of the Board of our company, about our business.

"This is the fulfillment of my childhood dream and proof that dreams, and not just childhood dreams, really do come true! But dreaming is not enough. It's time to move on again."

It's time for a change.