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34th Annual Equipment & Vehicle Show

NYC Fleet Show 2023

New York City, NY - FIRSTGREEN Industries, a leading manufacturer of electric loaders for the construction, landscaping and agricultural industries, is proud and pleased to announce its participation in the prestigious NYC Fleet Show 2023, taking place on May 11-12. 2023 in Flushing Meadows, Queens, NYC. This trade show is a unique opportunity for construction, agriculture and landscaping professionals to learn about the latest technologies and products in the industry.

On exhibit at the FIRSTGREEN Industries booth will be the Elise 900, the world's first all-electric skid steer loader. This innovative machine offers high performance and efficiency thanks to its three powerful electric motors, advanced battery and quality construction. The Elise 900 is designed to meet the demanding requirements of a wide range of applications. From construction to agriculture to landscaping.

FIRSTGREEN Industries will also introduce the MiniZ, a smaller and more maneuverable track loader that is ideal for working in tight spaces such as indoor or urban projects or agricultural work. The MiniZ offers high manoeuvrability and flexibility, allowing its users to perform a variety of tasks efficiently and quickly.

Visitors to the FIRSTGREEN Industries booth will have the opportunity to see the machines, learn about their features and benefits, and speak with FIRSTGREEN representatives about becoming a dealer. Visitors can learn about the company's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

"We are excited to showcase our innovative products at the 2023 NYC Fleet Show," said Martin Havrda, Chairman of the FIRSTGREEN Industries. "Our electric skid steer loaders offer a cleaner, quieter and more efficient alternative to traditional diesel-powered machines, and we are excited to share their benefits with visitors."

"We believe that electric skid steer loaders are the future of the industry and we are pleased to be at the forefront," added Havrda. "We look forward to meeting professionals from a variety of fields at the 2023 NYC Fleet Show and showcasing our products that bring new capabilities and efficiencies to their daily work."

NYC Fleet Show 2023 is a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to meet, network and discuss the latest industry trends and technologies. FIRSTGREEN Industries looks forward to participating in this important trade show and showcasing its innovative products to a wide range of professionals.

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Contact: Marcus Suess, Chief Operating Officer, FIRSTGREEN Industries (828)-549-8765