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Elise speeds

ELISE, parameterization of speed and travel of hydraulics

At FIRSTGREEN Industries, we are constantly thinking about how to improve our products and services. We do not forget about the feedback from our customers and this is the reason why we can make many improvements and changes.

Specifically, we look at our Elise electric skid steer loader. It is designed to adapt to any work activity thanks to its 4 speeds of travel and hydraulics.

You can control these in many ways and it's up to your preference.

What is the performance of each speed?

Adapt the Elise for when you're transporting a load over a longer distance and engage more speed, or conversely you need to slow down and be careful when transporting a bale of hay between your cattle on the farm. Maximum powertrain output is 100%. The individual speed grades are then scaled as follows:

  • Speed is 25%.
  • Speed is 50% 
  • Speed is 75%
  • Speed is 100%


What can I use to control Elise?

  • Joysticks in the cab - standard skid steer loader controls.
  • Using your phone as a display - the phone is mounted in a bracket in the cab, speed settings and other adjustments are made via FIRSTGREEN Industries software. 
  • Using the phone as a remote control - again, everything is done through the FIRSTGREEN Industries software, with the added benefit of being adapted for total machine control outside the cab.
  • Hard mount display - a hard implemented display in the Elise cab where the FGI software is loaded.
  • Danfoss Professional Remote - a special remote control from Danfoss, for remote machine control. In addition with rabbit/turtle function.


What do we have unique?

Danfoss remote controller

The DANFOSS remote control has a rabbit and turtle button. If you set the joystick to the rabbit position, it will set the individual speeds to their maximum output i.e. speeds 1- 4 will be at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

If you select turtle mode, the individual speeds will limit to 60% power. You can apply this to all speeds. Our goal was to have the most efficient and easiest way to accelerate or decelerate without having to change individual speeds. The turtle/rabbit power change is also applied to the hydraulic speed.



Hard mount display

Here again we have the option to change the speed between stage 1 and 4. In addition, we have added the ability to go to the MENU and USER section. Here you can manually set the minimum and maximum power on all 4 speeds. But beware, this change only applies to the travel speed.

The manual speed settings look like this:

  • Speed - 5 to 25% (if I set the power to 5% I achieve what is called MICROSPEED, which is suitable for handling in extremely small spaces or handling fragile and sensitive material.
  • Speed - 26% to 50% 
  • Speed - 51% to 75%
  • Speed - 76% to 100%




Elise adapts to you

In conclusion, the Elise is an electric skid steer loader that is designed to adapt to any work activity. It has 4 travel speed options and hydraulics that can be controlled in many ways. In addition, the Danfoss controller has a rabbit and tortoise button that allows for quick changes in deceleration or acceleration. The hard mount display allows manual setting of minimum and maximum power on all 4 speeds. The Elise is a powerful and versatile loader that is ideal for a variety of work activities.