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Heavy duty Elise upgrades

New heavy duty options for our Elise product line

Advanced options for rough conditions

We're thrilled to share some electrifying news with you! Our Elise machines have just become even more advanced, boasting new features that enhance both performance and safety. Here's a sneak peek at what's new.


Fenders with Lifting Points and lights: Newly integrated lifting points in our brand new fender design makes lifting your Elise smoother and more precise.

The addition of robust and durable fenders provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring that your loader stays in optimal condition even during heavy-duty operations. Also, this new design protects wiring harnes outside of the machine using protective channels.

Experience enhanced versatility and control as you tackle a wide range of lifting applications with confidence. New fenders allow instalation of lightning kit as well as instalation of rear view mirror instead directly on the fender instead of their instalation on the boom. This provides stable rear and side view for the operator increasing safety during operation.


Roof Protection Plate: Safety takes next stage with our latest Roof Protection Plate. Shielding your Elise from above, this feature provides an extra layer of security for operators working in challenging environments such as demolition or mining.

Whether you're navigating through tight spaces or handling materials overhead, the Roof Protection Plate ensures your Elise is safeguarded against potential hazards.


Open Cabin Version: We understand that different job sites have unique requirements. That's why we're introducing the Open Cabin Version of our Elises.

Enjoy the freedom of an open design that maximizes visibility and accessibility, providing operators with an unobstructed view for enhanced precision and control.

The Open Cabin Version combines comfort and functionality, allowing you to work with ease while maintaining the standards of safety. This option is in final stage of testing, that is why we are presenting you CAD model. First deliveries can start from mid January!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we strive to redefine the future of electric construction equipment. Thank you for being a part of the FGI Family!