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We are growing in Finland

Koneyksikkö was founded in 2021 and is located in Tampere, Finland. The city of Tampere is strategically located with good connections to all major cities.

"For a long time I dreamed of starting my own company and finally a few years ago I had the opportunity to leave my old position and make this wish come true." says company owner Tuomo Tuukanen. Even though the company is new, Mr. Tuukanen has almost 20 years of experience in manufacturing different types of machines.

Koneyksikkö acts as a dealer for two large Finnish companies - Suvanto Trucks, one of the largest truck dealers in Finland, and Marakon group, a strong player in the demolition equipment market. Marakon represents a wide range of brands and by working with these brands, our company has a wide customer base throughout Finland.

Despite Koneyksikkö being a smaller company, they are very strong. They are customer-oriented and strive to provide only the best service to everyone. They do not work to a strict schedule, but adapt to the needs of their customers.

For our company FIRSTGREEN Industries, Koneyksikkö is the ideal partner. Many of their customers are interested in electric machines, which we can now also offer on the Finnish market. We believe that through this partnership we will further expand our cooperation in the future.