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Why choose FIRSTGREEN?

Our electric skid steer loaders have a number of advantages over traditional diesel-powered machines and thus represent a new generation of machines for construction, agriculture or demolition work.

They have several key advantages over traditional diesel powered "skid steers".

Advantages of FIRSTGREEN electric machines

Significantly lower operating costs:

Our Elise and MiniZ skid steer loaders are 100% electric. This does not only mean zero emissions, but also, unlike electric cars, significantly lower operating costs.
With around 750 hours of operation per year, users of our machines save over 10 000 €, 12 000 USD in fuel costs alone. A single charge of the machine costs only 7€, and it lasts an entire working day. You don't even have to deal with fuel logistics, you can charge the machine conveniently from an ordinary socket.

Quiet operation:

Machines with a traditional diesel engine do not only produce emissions, but also noise. Our electric machines operate almost silently, making them ideal for use in agricultural applications where they do not spook livestock, in historic city centres or indoors during demolition work.
They're also significantly more comfortable for operators who no longer have to spend all day in the noisy, vibrating cab of a diesel machine, but can instead settle into the quiet, air-conditioned Elise 900.

Zero local emissions:

The Elise and MiniZ also produce no local emissions - thanks to the electric drive, there's no need to worry about ventilation during indoor operations, and farmers will appreciate their clean operation, especially in the barn or cow house. There are also no leaks of operating fluids, as there is no engine oil, coolant or diesel in the machine.

This is not the only reason why they are the right choice in farming, where they cover a wide range of tasks, from clearing manure from the cowshed, to transporting hay bales and transporting feed. A wealth of attachments, either directly from FIRSTGREEN or from other manufacturers help them to do this, because FGI machines have a standard coupling system.

Low cost and easy maintenance:

Another indisputable advantage of FGI all-electric machines is the ease of maintenance. Since they have only about one third of the moving parts of a standard diesel machine, and there is no need to maintain a complex combustion engine, you can easily do basic maintenance yourself, without specialised tools. Even battery maintenance is very simple, just follow the correct charging cycles and top up with distilled water.

Compact dimensions and easy manoeuvrability:

Electric skid steer machines have a smaller and more compact design than diesel-powered models, allowing them to move in tight spaces and easily maneuver around obstacles. This makes them ideal for indoor demolition projects. With a width of just 79cm, the MiniZ can easily fit through standard doors, so it can fit almost anywhere.
Both machines can also be operated remotely, so you can send them into hazardous environments without fear.