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Maintenance Toolbox

Introducing Our Game-Changer: The Ultimate Skid Steer Loader Maintenance Toolbox

In the world of skid steer loader maintenance, precision and efficiency are key. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our revolutionary new service toolbox, designed to set a new standard in service excellence. This state-of-the-art toolbox is equipped with specialized tools that promise unparalleled performance and precision, making it an essential upgrade for anyone serious about skid steer loader maintenance.

What's Inside?

Our toolbox is a dynamic duo of two-layered excellence, featuring a range of essential and specialized tools:

  1. Extra-Long Allen Key: Ideal for electric motors mounting on Elise 900 MKl, MK2 models. This tool is essential for assembling and dismantling driving electric motors, pulleys, and belts, with a max tightening torque of 55 Nm.
  2. Curved Swivel Wrench: Designed for working with Elise 900 MK3 and Elise 700 MKl driving electric motors. It's perfect for assembling and dismantling operations, offering the same max tightening torque of 55 Nm.
  3. Half-Open Ratchet Wrench: Essential for union nuts of parking brake hydraulic hoses on Elise MKl, MK2, simplifying the assembly and dismantling of parking brakes and rear planetary gearboxes.
  4. Long Allen Key: A must-have for planetary gearboxes mounting on various Elise models, with a max tightening torque of 130 Nm.
  5. Torx Key: Specifically designed for the disassembly of driving electric motors on MiniZ 400 MKl, MK2.
  6. Extra Long Flat Wrench: This tool is crucial for working on screw joints of the frame structure and holding locking nuts in hard-to-reach places on MiniZ 400 MKl, MK2, with a max tightening torque of 30 Nm.
  7. Mandrels (Various Sizes): Our range includes extra-long, long, and short mandrels (20, 25, 30, 40 mm) for different purposes, such as replacing boom mechanism pins and hydraulic cylinder pins. They are designed to be used with a rubber hammer or a wooden or polyamide prism.
  8. Prisms (Short and Long): These tools are specialized for replacing pins of the boom mechanism without needing a rubber hammer. 


Each item in the special service tools has been developed and cyclically tested for the prescribed use and load. ln the event that special service tools items have been handled other than in accordance with the prescribed use and load, subsequent claims will not be accepted.

Why Invest in Our Service Toolbox?

Precision in Tight Spaces

Our toolbox allows you to tackle intricate maintenance tasks without having to dismantle the entire machine. This saves both time and money by focusing on specific parts and streamlining your workflow.

Specialized Component Mastery

Some components require unique tools for efficient servicing. Our toolbox provides these specialized instruments, ensuring a seamless and efficient servicing experience.

And there is more!

The Basic service toolbox, specially designed for Elise machines. This comprehensive toolkit is your go-to solution for regular maintenance needs directly at your site.

Key features of the Basic service toolbox:

Portability: Understanding the need for on-site maintenance, we've designed this toolbox to be easily transportable. Wherever your Elise machine goes, this toolbox can go too, ensuring you have the right tools at the right time.

Detailed Part List: To help you better understand the components of this toolbox, we have provided a detailed list of parts included. Please see below:

  • Greasing pump - preventive lubrication of machines, especially pins
  • Gloves
  • Multimeter - measurement of cable harnesses or battery voltage
  • Hydraulic filter release wrench
  • Long spanner (wrench) with long extension and 27mm long socket
  • Hydraulic jack - to lift the machine
  • Glue for screws
  • Allen key set - 3-6mm
  • Socket wrench set 10,11,13mm.
  • 2x ¼” socket wrench extensions
  • Allen wrench 8mm for M10 screw
  • Socket wrench 17mm
  • ½” and ¼” ratchet
  • Long Allen key 12mm for gearbox loosening
  • Curved wrench 17mm for motor loosening
  • Hammer for removing pins
  • Side open wrench 17/19mm
  • Eyelet side wrench 22mm
  • Insulating tape wiring harness repairs
  • Crimping pliers to repair wire contacts
  • Electrician's cutting pliers
  • Siko pliers (adjusting pliers)
  • Set of screwdrivers for electrical service work
  • Box with small components