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MPM Ltda

FIRSTGREEN grows in South America

We are pleased to announce a new business partner for FIRSTGREEN Industries in South America, thanks to the establishment of a new cooperation with a new strategic partner - MPM Ltda.

MPM Ltda has been a strong player in the South American market since 2008 and we are excited to see what the future holds. We believe that the cooperation with MPM Ltda will take FIRSTGREEN further and help us to strengthen our position in the international market with a new centre in South America. We are proud to be working with a company that comes from strong roots, a commitment to sustainability, growth and responsible business. 

MPM Ltda specializes in manufacturing and industrial assembly construction, equipment and machinery rental, and installation of high performance anti-acid and abrasive coatings. 

The company's mission is to provide clients with quality service and a highly superior service. The same to contractors, subcontractors and employees. Integrity, ethical and responsible behavior is an ongoing commitment for them. 

MPM Ltda has many teams of professionals who are highly skilled, experienced and motivated and most importantly able to resolve any of your requirements.

MPM Ltda is excited to partner with a new technology manufacturer that is targeting a global market with goals beyond sustainability and electrification.

The expertise and practical experience gathered over 15 years of tireless work makes great sense for us to link up with our company.