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Podpora Tamarky se vzácnou vrozenou vývojovou vadou

At the end of 2023, we were delighted to support little Tamarka, who faces the challenge of a rare congenital developmental disorder of the nervous system, known as Angelman Syndrome.

Thanks to our financial contributions, Tamarka was able to undergo another series of hippotherapy sessions. 

This physiotherapeutic method positively affects both child and adult clients through motion impulses generated during horse walking. This type of therapy has a demonstrably beneficial effect on the entire central nervous system, particularly for individuals with degenerative diseases of the nervous system. 

It is a great honor and privilege for us to be able to support not only publicly beneficial organizations but also specific individuals like Tamarka. With this step, we want to contribute to their better and more fulfilling life. 

With joy and hope in our hearts, we wish Tamarka and her family a happy and joyful start to 2024. We believe that their shared moments, both on and off the horseback, will be full of smiles and joy.