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Travel alarm

Travel alarm for greater safety

During one of our recent interactions with clients and engineers, we discussed upgrading a security feature. In response, we have integrated a new upgrade into our popular Elise product range to provide greater safety and efficiency on the job.

Prioritising safety first and always.

This commitment has led us to create our latest update: the travel alarm.

You can now have an intermittent sound signal permanently activated with the Elise. And this when moving in any direction - forwards, backwards or on its axis. Imagine the peace of mind when you know that every worker in the vicinity will be alerted to machine movement, ensuring everyone's safety.

Alarm activation - simplicity at its best.

Activating the alarm is a breeze. Just follow these two simple steps:

  1. Contact your dealer and ask for this feature to be activated via the service tool.
  2. Once set up, you can activate it either by tapping the siren icon located on the machine's display or via our user-friendly mobile app.

This enhancement ensures maximum safety for personnel moving around the machine.

Performance - 100% ecology - uncompromising safety. 

That's FGI.