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Hard work, responsibility, creativity, reliability...

The cornerstone of our success is HARD WORK.

Life has taught us that nothing can be built without work. You can't move forward. We are not afraid of hard work because it brings success. Development, innovation, production, sales, marketing. We're moving it all forward by leaps and bounds.

"I work a lot and I work hard. But I believe in working rationally, healthily and efficiently. Work is my driving force, motivation and fun. I would like my family to share the same values in life and continue my projects," says Martin Havrda, Chairman of the Board of FIRSTGREEN Industries.

But work would be useless if we were not also 100% RESPONSIBLE. Because we are not just a company that is economically successful. We are people and we care about others. We care about our employees, our co-workers. We care about our partners and our customers. We care about the country in which we do business. We pay our obligations and we don't look for loopholes. We care about our environment, nature, our children and the world around us. We are a responsible company with everything that goes with it.

However, we have been driven to add a dose of CREATIVITY to our core values. Without it, we would not have been able to develop machines that are unique in the world.

"When I was a kid in kindergarten, I used to add small electric motors and lights to my cars, which was not well received by my teachers. Fortunately, my dad continued to supply me with various servo motors. Thanks to him, I have been inventing new creative solutions to seemingly simple problems since I was very young." Such were the beginnings of our lead developer Jan Hanes. And they have endured to the present day.

We enjoy inventing new solutions. That's why our machines are built to be modular. And that's why they, along with all their functions, are remotely controllable, both via remote control and mobile app. This is what makes our machines different.

So at the end of our endeavour, the Elise 900 and the MiniZ. They work great. Because without RELIABILITY we would not have succeeded.

"Since I was a child, the main thing that bothered me about my grandparents' farm was the breakdown of the machines, which added endless extra hours to the work. Hours mean time, of which everyone has little. That's why I always try to come up with a solution that saves time. And that is why we produce machines that are trouble-free," Ján Hánes says, thinking back to his childhood.

That's why we try to make our machines work flawlessly. To be trouble-free. To be easy to operate. In short, to make people's work as easy as possible.

And we're doing that...