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Interior construction with FIRSTGREEN helpers

Interior construction is challenging work requiring many capabilities that can be both physically demanding and hazardous to the health of workers. As a result, the work of people in dusty environments full of construction elements is increasingly being replaced by remote-controlled machines. If you're looking for a tool with a truly wide range of applications and compact dimensions, we have the perfect solution for you - our 100% electric skid steer loaders from First Green.

Demolition and construction


The Elise 900 and MiniZ loaders can be supplemented with 40 attachments to greatly expand their usefulness. They can be used at the early stages of interior demolition work, and then adjusted with different attachments for other construction tasks later. Both of our machines are extremely agile and can move gracefully even in uneven environments thanks to the excellent driving characteristics that the machines have, especially thanks to their low centre of gravity and stabilising gyro sensors.

The MiniZ is a compact variant of a track loader and can easily pass through a regular doorway of 80 cm width, which is definitely not the case with conventional track loaders. Where other loaders stop in tight spaces, the MiniZ can operate without difficulty.

No unnecessary noise

The operation of the Elise 900 and MiniZ is many times quieter than that of diesel skid steer loaders. They can therefore also be used for night work in areas where silence is essential. In addition to minimal noise, First Green fully-electric loaders also produce no local emissions. You can forget about the noisy and dirty operation of diesel-powered loaders.

Low operating costs

The use of First Green electric skid steer loaders requires no demanding or costly maintenance and is very economical. While conventional machines will cost you thousands of euros in fuel, charging the battery only costs a few hundred (Elise 900) or even tens of euros (MiniZ) per year. First Green loaders can therefore cover a wide range of jobs, can navigate in demanding environments and save you a lot of money. A great choice not only for interior construction.