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The olive groves of Sardinia

The Mediterranean is renowned for its enchanting nature, historical monuments and the abundance of unique local products. Amongst them are the high-quality olives from the Italian island of Sardinia, which have gained worldwide fame thanks to their unmistakable taste. These excellent olives are grown using traditional methods, combined with modern knowledge and technology to maximise efficiency and preserve quality. For this reason, olive growers in Sardinia use our fully-electric KOVACO loaders, which allow them to maximise yield and minimise environmental impact.

The role of First Green loaders in Sardinia


Growing the highest-grade, quality olives, requires a lot of hard work in difficult conditions. The olive trees themselves, originating from Syria and Asia Minor, can withstand almost desert-like conditions, but the high temperatures pose a health risk to the grove workers, especially if they have to exert a lot of physical effort. So instead of digging holes by hand to plant the olive trees, Sardinians use our fully-electric skid steer loaders, Elise 900 and MiniZ, which can work in temperatures of up to 35 degrees Celsius with no limitations.

Our loaders can quickly drill the necessary holes thanks to a special attachment in the form of an electric drill. For other tasks, we have a total of 40 attachments that make First Green loaders extremely versatile machines.


Ideal tools for recreational environment

First Green skid steer loaders produce zero local emissions and do not emit disturbing noise. This makes them suitable for use in locations where great emphasis is placed on preserving the original natural conditions.

In addition to the environment, our loaders also do not disturb visitors of tourist sites, making them suitable for recreational areas, where they can do the job quietly and efficiently without interrupting the idyllic tranquillity.

Thanks to our loaders, subjects in agriculture and tourism can operate much more economically and in a more environmentally conscious way.