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Why FIRSTGREEN Industries?

When we say our machines are unique, we're not bragging. First Green skid steer loaders represent unique products on the market that are unmatched by other manufacturers. So let's take a closer look at the elements that make First Green skid steer loaders stand out from the competition.

No burden on the environment or your wallet

First Green 100% electric skid steer loaders have a minimal carbon footprint compared to conventional diesel powered skid steer loaders. Therefore, they do not produce dangerous gases that lead to smog pollution. Compared to other loaders of their kind, First Green machines are also significantly quieter. This makes them the ideal loaders for conditions where disturbance of the natural environment must be avoided.

But in addition to sustainability, First Green skid steer loaders are also characterised by their economical approach to operation. They can operate at full power for up to 8 hours on a single charge. They can thus operate frequently uninterrupted throughout the entire shift.

With an assumed average operation of 250 motor hours (mh) per year, the annual operating costs for the MiniZ are around just EUR 68. With an average operation of 500 motor hours (mh), the costs for the ELISE 900 are around EUR 450. The average annual operations are based on the average annual operations of conventional machines, which are up to ten times more expensive to operate in terms of fuel alone.

Maintenance of First Green skid steer loaders is minimal and does not need to be considered as a significant element of the budget after the purchase of the machines. For example, there is no need to change engine oil, engine oil filter, air filter, particulate filter, etc.

Individual loaders under scrutiny

Individual loaders under scrutiny

Elise 900

The Elise 900 is a 100% electric skid steer loader that is also suitable for rough terrain thanks to its leveling technology, remote control and ergonomic design. In the 400 Ah battery variant, the Elise 900 can lift loads weighing up to 1200 kg and transport them at a speed of 12 km/h. All this without noise or smog and with minimal operating costs.



The MiniZ is an extremely compact and 100% electric track loader that delivers above-average performance despite its small size. Producing zero local emissions, it can carry loads weighing 400 kg at speeds of up to 5 km/h. 

In addition, both machines can be equipped with one of 40 electric attachments that can be freely changed. Thanks to these, the First Green skid steer loaders can be precisely adapted to the needs of the customer.