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Expansion of cooperation with NEEC in New England

Northeast Equipment Connections, LLC

We are very proud to announce that after more than two years of successful cooperation with Northeast Equipment Connections (NEEC), we have decided to expand our cooperation beyond New York State. NEEC is an example of a growing electrical machinery business

It is an experienced and reliable partner that is now responsible for the distribution and dealer network of our FGI machines in six additional states - Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire.

This collaboration is an exciting new opportunity for us. We have seen constant growth and success in our FGI product portfolio over the past few years and look forward to seeing these opportunities continue to develop steadily for us. We are confident that this expansion will provide us with the opportunity to strengthen our market position and further expand our brand in the electrical machinery industry.

Our cooperation with NEEC started as a small test of the reliability of our machines. It was an opportunity to demonstrate how powerful and reliable our machines are and how they can bring tangible benefits to any business. This test was successful and since then we have decided to develop and deepen our cooperation.

Now this relationship is turning into a real long-term relationship between our companies. We believe that this cooperation will be beneficial for both parties and will bring us both much success. It is proof of how a small test can turn into a successful long-term project that benefits all parties involved.

This story can be your success story too. Any project, even if it is small at the beginning, can lead to big things. We believe our collaboration with NEEC is a perfect example of this. And we want to use this example to inspire others and show that it pays to invest in long-term relationships and collaboration.