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New FGI transportation and service features

Easier transport and safer operation for our Elise product line

Easier and safe transport of Elise machines

Following our news safety features, we are happy to introduce new addition for safer and more efficient transportation of our Elise machines including new improved tow mode funcionality for machine rescue in tough conditions.

What's new?

Tigh down points: These points are strategically designed to enhance stability and safety, ensuring that the machine remains firmly in place during transport. The design allows quick and easy anchoring, significantly reducing setup time and increasing efficiency. Additionally, these points have been rigorously tested to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring reliability in diverse settings.


Tow-mode switch: Designed specifically for emergency situations, this switch allows operator to easily release the electromagnetic brakes. In an effort to ensure accessibility and convenience, the switch key has been strategically placed under the rear hood of the vehicle. This addition enhances the Elise's safety features, providing drivers with a reliable solution in case of towing emergencies.


Safety exterior "kill-switch" button: Safety buttons located on the side of the machine (available with one or two buttons) enable the machine to be turned off in case of safety risks or operator indisposition. This is a hardware update, where the set includes a kit for installation into the machine between the battery and machine power supply, with an output to an external button. Simple plug-and-play installation into the machine according to the instructions. It is necessary to install for the first time with technical support from FGI.


For more details or to schedule an upgrade, please contact our support team.