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Thoughtfulness, cleanliness and efficiency in agriculture

Quality fruit and vegetables need a clean environment free from smog and other toxic substances. However, farmers cannot meet their high demands for production without modern technology, as planting, harvesting, processing and storing their produce is demanding work requiring the best tools. How to address these seemingly contradictory needs? One of the most useful solutions is First Green's fully-electric skid steer loaders.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural production

The Elise 900 and MiniZ skid steer loaders leave no carbon footprint. They are also made from recyclable materials and do not emit disturbing noise. This means that they do not endanger the surrounding nature during use and contribute to maintaining ideal conditions for healthy crop growth. Our loaders are used on organic farms, in greenhouses, on plantations and anywhere else that is environmentally friendly.

One machine, dozens of uses

In addition to skid steer loaders themselves, we also offer more than 40 attachments that turn a single loader into a multi-purpose machine. First Green electric skid steer loaders can thus be used in agricultural production all year round. Simply replace the drill that created the holes for the tree seedlings with a shovel or pallet fork and you can send it from the orchard to the warehouse.

Saved time and money

Forget about expensive diesel purchases or constantly checking the oil. Compared to conventional diesel loaders, First Green machines feature minimal maintenance and trouble-free power supply. The battery lasts up to 8 hours of full power on a single charge. So you don't have to worry about the machine suddenly stopping working and you can also work in a clean, smog-free environment without any stress.

Our loaders also have very economical running costs thanks to a significantly cheaper power source. You will pay ten times more in fuel alone to run a diesel loader.